Liquid Color for Plastics... Its time has come

Global Solutions

Riverdale Color and Maguire Products have combined nearly a century of experience serving the plastics industry to form Riverdale Global.

Riverdale Global is the sales, marketing and support arm of Riverdale Color, with exclusive equipment from Maguire Products. We're developing the next generation of liquid color technology--setting a new standard for economy and sustainability.

Color Matching

for PP, PET, PS, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PC, PVC, ...

Riverdale approaches the color matching process with an eye for excellence. Using the widest selection of raw materials and strictest quality control procedures we match your request to the specified tollerance, part thickness, thermal stability, industrial application, and regulatory requirements (FDA, CONEG, etc...). We do not use any heavy metal pigments or phthalates in any of our formulations.

In-House Coloring

Paint store concept for plastics

Take control of your coloring needs with Riverdale's in-house coloring solutions. Economical, precise blending system that reduces color development time and eliminates inventory overages in production. Coloring plastics yourself cuts costs and gives you more control.

Metal Expressions and Specialty Colors

Special effects in plastic

Our exclusive, designer lines may be just what you're looking for to give your packaging an updated look. From our Blast series for colors that pop to our Deep Pearl or Trans Pearl series for a sexy look, to our Metal Expressions series for a contemporary, cool-metal look, we have a long history of creating colors to meet the most demanding designer needs.